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(PHP 5 >= 5.0.1)

SoapClient::__getTypesReturns a list of SOAP types


public array SoapClient::__getTypes ( void )

Returns an array of types described in the WSDL for the Web service.


This function only works in WSDL mode.


Esta função não possui parâmetros.

Valor Retornado

The array of SOAP types, detailing all structures and types.


Exemplo #1 SoapClient::__getTypes() example

= new SoapClient('');

O exemplo acima irá imprimir:

array(88) {
  string(30) "ProductLine ProductLineArray[]"
  string(85) "struct ProductLine {
 string Mode;
 string RelevanceRank;
 ProductInfo ProductInfo;
  string(105) "struct ProductInfo {
 string TotalResults;
 string TotalPages;
 string ListName;
 DetailsArray Details;
  string(32) "ShortSummary ShortSummaryArray[]"
  string(121) "struct GetTransactionDetailsRequest {
 string tag;
 string devtag;
 string key;
 OrderIdArray OrderIds;
 string locale;
  string(75) "struct GetTransactionDetailsResponse {
 ShortSummaryArray ShortSummaries;

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