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DOMDocument::createTextNodeCreate new text node


public DOMText DOMDocument::createTextNode ( string $content )

This function creates a new instance of class DOMText. Questo nodo non verrĂ  mostrato nel documento a meno che venga inserito con, es. DOMNode::appendChild().

Elenco dei parametri


The content of the text.

Valori restituiti

The new DOMText or FALSE if an error occurred.

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User Contributed Notes 2 notes

drewish at katherinehouse dot com
11 months ago
The docs don't mention it but this method performs escaping on the value. If you don't want that use createElement() instead.
Alex Kaye
6 years ago
A quick note to anyone who is using character entities (e.g. ©) in this, and finding them automatically escaped. The correct thing to do here is to use the createEntityReference method (e.g. createEntityReference("copy");), and then appendChild this entity between text nodes.


= $this->document->createTextNode("Copyright ");
$copyright_text_2 = $this->document->createTextNode(" Alex Kaye 2009");
$copyright_symbol = $this->document->createEntityReference("copy");
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