PHP 8.4.0 Alpha 2 available for testing

The PhpToken class

(PHP 8)


This class provides an alternative to token_get_all(). While the function returns tokens either as a single-character string, or an array with a token ID, token text and line number, PhpToken::tokenize() normalizes all tokens into PhpToken objects, which makes code operating on tokens more memory efficient and readable.

Class synopsis

class PhpToken implements Stringable {
/* Properties */
public int $id;
public string $text;
public int $line;
public int $pos;
/* Methods */
final public __construct(
    int $id,
    string $text,
    int $line = -1,
    int $pos = -1
public is(int|string|array $kind): bool
public isIgnorable(): bool
public __toString(): string
public static tokenize(string $code, int $flags = 0): array



One of the T_* constants, or an ASCII codepoint representing a single-char token.


The textual content of the token.


The starting line number (1-based) of the token.


The starting position (0-based) in the tokenized string (the number of bytes).

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