PHP 8.1.28 Released!

PHP Contributor Guidelines for Code Developers

Before you complete the form to request a Git account, you must understand and accept the principles under which PHP itself is developed. These are summarised in the next paragraph.

Any code contributed to PHP must be contributed under the PHP license (or a compatible BSD-style license). PHP will be redistributed under the PHP license (currently version 3.01). This includes implementation code, test cases, utility scripts and tools - that is, all code associated with the PHP project. If you contribute code that isn't entirely your own (for example it may be partially derived from other Open Source software) you are asked to add a comment into the source code to indicate the origin and the license of the original code. If you are unsure of the license you are asked to confirm with the owner of the code that they are happy for it to be contributed to PHP under the PHP license.

Specifically regarding GPL and LGPL source code:

Guidelines for Related Projects

For related projects, please refer to the Project websites:

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