Installation for PHP versions >= 7.4

The libxml extension is enabled by default, although it may be disabled with --without-libxml.

PHP uses pkg-config to select the right library file, header files, and compile flags to use for libxml2. To ensure that the desired version of libxml2 is selected, the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable may be used to control the search path for pkg-config prior to running the configure script:


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mansourjabin at gmail dot com
6 months ago
Critical Note: In PHP 7.4, an issue presents itself when interfacing with libxml version 2.10.2. If you're deploying PHP 7.4 and wish to maintain operational stability, ensure that libxml is aligned to version 2.9.10. This version has been verified to work seamlessly with PHP 7.4, thereby preventing potential conflicts.
1 year ago
Please note that this option does not seem to work for PHP 8.1.10 anymore.
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