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Clase Reflection

(PHP 5, PHP 7)


Clase reflection.

Sinopsis de la Clase

Reflection {
/* Métodos */
public static export ( Reflector $reflector [, bool $return = false ] ) : string
public static getModifierNames ( int $modifiers ) : array

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apmithani at yahoo dot com
8 years ago
Here is a code snippet for some of us who are just beginning with reflection. I have a simple class below with two properties and two methods. We will use reflection classes to populate the properties dynamically and then print them:


class A
$one = '';
$two = '';
public function __construct()
//print variable one
public function echoOne()

//print variable two   
public function echoTwo()

//Instantiate the object
$a = new A();

//Instantiate the reflection object
$reflector = new ReflectionClass('A');

//Now get all the properties from class A in to $properties array
$properties = $reflector->getProperties();

$i =1;
//Now go through the $properties array and populate each property
foreach($properties as $property)
//Populating properties
//Invoking the method to print what was populated

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