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glob://Find pathnames matching pattern


The glob: stream wrapper.


  • glob://


Wrapper Summary
Attribute Supported
Restricted by allow_url_fopen No
Restricted by allow_url_include No
Allows Reading No
Allows Writing No
Allows Appending No
Allows Simultaneous Reading and Writing No
Supports stat() No
Supports unlink() No
Supports rename() No
Supports mkdir() No
Supports rmdir() No


Example #1 Basic usage

// Loop over all *.php files in ext/spl/examples/ directory
// and print the filename and its size
$it = new DirectoryIterator("glob://ext/spl/examples/*.php");
$it as $f) {
printf("%s: %.1FK\n", $f->getFilename(), $f->getSize()/1024);
tree.php: 1.0K
findregex.php: 0.6K
findfile.php: 0.7K
dba_dump.php: 0.9K
nocvsdir.php: 1.1K
phar_from_dir.php: 1.0K
ini_groups.php: 0.9K
directorytree.php: 0.9K
dba_array.php: 1.1K
class_tree.php: 1.8K
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