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Memcache module provides handy procedural and object-oriented interface to memcached, highly effective caching daemon, which was especially designed to decrease database load in dynamic web applications.

The Memcache module also provides a session handler (memcache).

More information about memcached can be found at »

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vidux dot me at gmail dot com
2 years ago
i have faced a error when install Memcached.
"Memcached" class not found. im using php 7.4 with apache server on ubuntu 20.04. this is how i fixed it.. hope someone can help it.

first i installed

sudo apt install memcached libmemcached-tools

then check service status
sudo systemctl status memcached

then install php-memcached
sudo apt-get install -y php-memcached

and lastly
sudo apt-get install php7.4-memcached

then restarted Apache:
sudo service apache2 restart
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