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下列常量由此扩展定义,且仅在此扩展编译入 PHP 或在运行时动态载入时可用。

COM 常量
常量 描述 说明
CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER (int) The code that creates and manages objects of this class is a DLL that runs in the same process as the caller of the function specifying the class context.  
CLSCTX_INPROC_HANDLER (int) The code that manages objects of this class is an in-process handler. This is a DLL that runs in the client process and implements client-side structures of this class when instances of the class are accessed remotely.  
CLSCTX_LOCAL_SERVER (int) The EXE code that creates and manages objects of this class runs on same machine but is loaded in a separate process space.  
CLSCTX_REMOTE_SERVER (int) A remote context. The code that creates and manages objects of this class is run on a different computer.  
CLSCTX_SERVER (int) Indicates server code, whether in-process, local, or remote. This definition ORs CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, CLSCTX_LOCAL_SERVER, and CLSCTX_REMOTE_SERVER.  
CLSCTX_ALL (int) Indicates all class contexts. This definition ORs CLSCTX_INPROC_HANDLER and CLSCTX_SERVER.  
VT_NULL (int) NULL pointer reference.  
VT_EMPTY (int) A property with a type indicator of VT_EMPTY has no data associated with it; that is, the size of the value is zero.  
VT_INT (int) 4-byte signed integer value (equivalent to VT_I4).  
VT_I1 (int) 1-byte signed integer.  
VT_I2 (int) Two bytes representing a 2-byte signed integer value.  
VT_I4 (int) 4-byte signed integer value.  
VT_I8 (int) 8-byte signed integer value. 仅限 x64
VT_UINT (int) 4-byte unsigned integer (equivalent to VT_UI4).  
VT_UI1 (int) 1-byte unsigned integer.  
VT_UI2 (int) 2-byte unsigned integer.  
VT_UI4 (int) 4-byte unsigned integer.  
VT_UI8 (int) 8-byte unsigned integer. 仅限 x64
VT_R4 (int) 32-bit IEEE floating point value.  
VT_R8 (int) 64-bit IEEE floating point value.  
VT_BOOL (int) Boolean value.  
VT_ERROR (int) Error code; containing the status code associated with the error.  
VT_CY (int) 8-byte two's complement integer (scaled by 10,000).  
VT_DATE (int) 64 位浮点数,表示自 December 31, 1899 以来的天数(不是秒)。例如,January 1, 19002.0January 2, 19003.0 等。这与 VT_R8 的存储方式相同 。  
VT_BSTR (int) Pointer to a null-terminated Unicode string.  
VT_DECIMAL (int) A decimal structure.  
VT_UNKNOWN (int) A pointer to an object that implements the IUnknown interface.  
VT_DISPATCH (int) A pointer to a pointer to an object was specified.  
VT_VARIANT (int) A type indicator followed by the corresponding value. VT_VARIANT can be used only with VT_BYREF.  
VT_ARRAY (int) If the type indicator is combined with VT_ARRAY by an OR operator, the value is a pointer to a SAFEARRAY. VT_ARRAY can use the OR with the following data types: VT_I1, VT_UI1, VT_I2, VT_UI2, VT_I4, VT_UI4, VT_INT, VT_UINT, VT_R4, VT_R8, VT_BOOL, VT_DECIMAL, VT_ERROR, VT_CY, VT_DATE, VT_BSTR, VT_DISPATCH, VT_UNKNOWN and VT_VARIANT.  
VT_BYREF (int) If the type indicator is combined with VT_BYREF by an OR operator, the value is a reference. Reference types are interpreted as a reference to data, similar to the reference type in C++.  
CP_ACP (int) 默认为 ANSI 编码页。  
CP_MACCP (int) Macintosh code page.  
CP_OEMCP (int) 默认为 OEM 编码页。  
CP_UTF7 (int) Unicode (UTF-7).  
CP_UTF8 (int) Unicode (UTF-8).  
CP_SYMBOL (int) SYMBOL translations.  
CP_THREAD_ACP (int) 当前线程的 ANSI 编码页  
VARCMP_LT (int) The left bstr is less than right bstr.  
VARCMP_EQ (int) The two parameters are equal.  
VARCMP_GT (int) The left bstr is greater than right bstr.  
VARCMP_NULL (int) Either expression is NULL.  
NORM_IGNORECASE (int) Ignore case sensitivity.  
NORM_IGNORENONSPACE (int) Ignore nonspacing characters.  
NORM_IGNORESYMBOLS (int) Ignore symbols.  
NORM_IGNOREWIDTH (int) Ignore string width.  
NORM_IGNOREKANATYPE (int) Ignore Kana type.  
NORM_IGNOREKASHIDA (int) Ignore Arabic kashida characters. Availability is dependent upon under lying library.
DISP_E_DIVBYZERO (int) A return error that indicates a divide by zero error.  
DISP_E_OVERFLOW (int) An error that indicates that a value could not be coerced to its expected representation.  
DISP_E_BADINDEX (int) An error that indicates that an array index does not exist.  
DISP_E_PARAMNOTFOUND (int) 返回值表示某个参数 ID 与方法上的参数不对应。  
MK_E_UNAVAILABLE (int) iMoniker COM status code, return on errors where the function call failed due to unavailability.  
LOCALE_NEUTRAL (int) 中立地区。调用 NLS API 时一般不使用该常量。而是使用 LOCALE_SYSTEM_DEFAULT。  
LOCALE_SYSTEM_DEFAULT (int) 操作系统的默认区域设置。  
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