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In order to enable FPM in your PHP build you need to add --enable-fpm to your configure line.

There are several other FPM-specific configure options (all of them optional):

  • --with-fpm-user - set FPM user (default - nobody).

  • --with-fpm-group - set FPM group (default - nobody).

  • --with-fpm-systemd - Activate systemd integration (default - no).

  • --with-fpm-acl - Use POSIX Access Control Lists (default - no).

  • --with-fpm-apparmor - Activate AppArmor integration (default - no).

  • --with-fpm-selinux - Activate SELinux integration (default - no).


Version Description
8.2.0 The --with-fpm-selinux option was added.
8.0.0 The --with-fpm-apparmor option was added.

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