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La clase RRDGraph

(PECL rrd >= 0.9.0)


Clase para exportar datos de la bases de datos RRD al archivo de imagen.

Sinopsis de la Clase

class RRDGraph {
/* Métodos */
public __construct(string $path)
public save(): array
public saveVerbose(): array
public setOptions(array $options): void

Tabla de contenidos

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6 years ago
On Windows if you get "Cannot parse DS in 'DEF:rr=C:/Users/xxx/code/monitor/speed_gauge.rrd:value:MAX'" error on Windows. This may mean that rrdtool does not like ":" on your file name - it needs to be replaced with "\:"

Atleast for me fixed that issue if I replace colon "str_replace(':', '\\:', $rrdPath);"
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