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La clase Stomp

(PECL stomp >= 0.1.0)


Representa una conexión entre PHP y un Message Brokers que cumpla con las normas del protocolo Stomp.

Sinopsis de la Clase

class Stomp {
/* Métodos */
public __construct(
    string $broker = ini_get("stomp.default_broker_uri"),
    string $username = ?,
    string $password = ?,
    array $headers = ?
public abort(string $transaction_id, array $headers = ?): bool
stomp_abort(resource $link, string $transaction_id, array $headers = ?): bool
public ack(mixed $msg, array $headers = ?): bool
stomp_ack(resource $link, mixed $msg, array $headers = ?): bool
public begin(string $transaction_id, array $headers = ?): bool
stomp_begin(resource $link, string $transaction_id, array $headers = ?): bool
public commit(string $transaction_id, array $headers = ?): bool
stomp_commit(resource $link, string $transaction_id, array $headers = ?): bool
    string $broker = ini_get("stomp.default_broker_uri"),
    string $username = ?,
    string $password = ?,
    array $headers = ?
): resource
stomp_close(resource $link): bool
public error(): string
stomp_error(resource $link): string
stomp_get_read_timeout(resource $link): array
stomp_get_session_id(resource $link): string|false
public hasFrame(): bool
stomp_has_frame(resource $link): bool
public readFrame(string $class_name = "stompFrame"): stompframe
stomp_read_frame(resource $link): array
public send(string $destination, mixed $msg, array $headers = ?): bool
    resource $link,
    string $destination,
    mixed $msg,
    array $headers = ?
): bool
public setReadTimeout(int $seconds, int $microseconds = ?): void
stomp_set_read_timeout(resource $link, int $seconds, int $microseconds = ?): void
public subscribe(string $destination, array $headers = ?): bool
stomp_subscribe(resource $link, string $destination, array $headers = ?): bool
public unsubscribe(string $destination, array $headers = ?): bool
stomp_unsubscribe(resource $link, string $destination, array $headers = ?): bool
public __destruct()

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guilherme dot geronimo at gmail dot com
6 years ago
In some cases (E.g. ActiveMQ), when you have many consumers you need to identify your "client-id" during the connection process, otherwise the server can misunderstand your connection and create new topics/queues:

= new Stomp($url, $user, $password, array('client-id'=> $clientId ));
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