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Para conectar a IBM DB2 Universal Database para Linux, Unix y Windows, o a IBM Cloudscape, o a Apache Derby, se debe instalar el cliente de IBM DB2 Universal Database en el mismo equipo en que se ejecuta PHP. Esta extensión se ha desarrollado y probado con DB2 Version 8.2.

Para conectar a IBM DB2 Universal Database en z/OS o iSeries, es necesario también IBM DB2 Connect o un software enrutador DRDA equivalente.

Requisitos en Linux y Unix

The user invoking the PHP executable or SAPI must specify the DB2 instance before accessing these functions. You can set the name of the DB2 instance in php.ini using the ibm_db2.instance_name configuration option, or you can source the DB2 instance profile before invoking the PHP executable.

If you created a DB2 instance named db2inst1 in /home/db2inst1/, for example, you can add the following line to php.ini:

If you do not set this option in php.ini, you must issue the following command to modify your environment variables to enable access to DB2:
bash$ source /home/db2inst1/sqllib/db2profile
To enable your PHP-enabled Web server to access these functions, you must either set the ibm_db2.instance_name configuration option in php.ini, or source the DB2 instance environment in your Web server start script (typically /etc/init.d/httpd or /etc/init.d/apache).

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