Funciones de Informix (PDO_INFORMIX)


PDO_INFORMIX es un controlador que implementa la interfaz de Objetos de datos de PHP (PDO) para habilitar el acceso desde PHP a bases de datos de Informix.


Para construir la extensión PDO_INFORMIX, Informix Client SDK 2.81 UC1 o superior debe estar instalado en el mismo sistema que PHP. Informix Client SDK está disponible desde el » Sitio de soporte de Informix de IBM.

PDO_INFORMIX es una extensión » PECL, por lo que siga las instrucciones en Instalación de extensiones PECL para instalar la extensión PDO_INFORMIX. Ejecute el comando configure para que apunte a la ubicación de los ficheros de cabecera y las bibliotecas de Informix Client SDK como sigue:

   bash$ ./configure --with-pdo-informix=/path/to/SDK[,shared]
El valor predetermiando de configure es la variable de entorno INFORMIXDIR.

Cursores desplazables

PDO_INFORMIX admite los cursores desplazables; sin embargo, estos no están habilitados de forma predeterminada. Para habilitar el soporte de cursores desplazables, se debe establecer ENABLESCROLLABLECURSORS=1 en los ajustes de conexión de ODBC correspondientes en odbc.ini, o pasar la cláusula EnableScrollableCursors=1 en la cadena de conexión de DSN.

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alan dot acosta at gps dot com dot co
15 years ago
Take care, with php-5.2.4 --with-pdo-informix=shared,/home/informix
doesn't work, just says:
Notice: Following unknown configure options were used:
Arie De Derde
1 year ago
Informix PDO needs the INFORMIXDIR system variable available to the script running under the webserver, in my case apache 2.4.

Using setenv did not work, so I added in the systemd startup script /lib/systemd/system/apache2.service the following:


in the [Service] section.

Of course, the installation directory of your informix libraries may be different than /opt/Informix_Software_Bundle....
dbeecher at tekops dot com
14 years ago
Solved the issue with PHP 5.2.4 and others.

The embedded PDO in php since 5.1+ is INCOMPATIBLE with the latest PDO_MYSQL and PDO_INFORMIX, etc.  I just spent 2 days working on this.  This solution works on numerous versions of Linux I've tried as well as SunOS and HPUX.

The basic issue, getting this message when running PHP with PDO and trying
to get PDO_INFORMIX working, but having a version conflict:

"PHP Fatal error: PDO: driver informix requires PDO API version 20060409;
this is PDO version 20060511 in Unknown on line 0"

The "embedded" PDO that is within PHP since version 5.1 CONFLICTS with the
PDO the  PEAR/PECL modules are expecting.

1) Rebuild PHP with no pdo (--disable-pdo) (and you can't have
  any stuff like --with-mysql-pdo, either)
2) Then use PEAR/PECL to install PDO:  pear install pdo
3) then use PEAR/PECL to install PDO_INFORMIX:
              pear install --alldeps pdo_informix
4) make sure your php.ini extensions_dir points to the directory
   where these are placed
5) then add these references to php.ini: (etc.)

6) run php -v now and you should not see any errors.

7) run "pear list" and "pecl list" to see the installed modules

8) run php -i |egrep "pdo|PDO" to see:

php -i |egrep "pdo|PDO"
Configure Command =>  './configure'  '--disable-pdo'
'--with-apxs2=/usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs' '--with-openssl=/usr'
'--enable-force-cgi-redirect' '--with-gd' '--with-jpeg-dir=/usr/lib'
'--with-zlib' '--enable-bcmath' '--enable-mbstring=all' '--with-curl'
PDO support => enabled
PDO drivers => mysql, informix
pdo_informix support => enabled
PDO Driver for MySQL, client library version => 5.0.51a

I would have tried the embedded PDO and then also --with-informix-pdo=shared but as an earlier post here showed, the --with-informix... is unknown.  Please correct my mistake if I am mistyping it.

user at nowhere dot com
5 years ago
In case that you  loaded the extension, in solaris systems, and you are getting something similar to this:
PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/opt/php547/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20100525/' - php: fatal: DF_1_NOOPEN tagged object may not be dlopen()'ed in Unknown on line 0

In this case set the following Environment variables:
export INFORMIXDIR=/path/to/Informix/CSDK/
rdutan at aplext dot com
11 years ago
tip: in fedora 16 you must set INFORMIXDIR  in /etc/sysconfig/httpd
cwgraven at gmail dot com
14 years ago
I noticed that SQLite is installed by php by default...oh and it happens to use PDO. So dont forget to use --without-sqlite.

My successful config looks like this:

./configure --with-mysql --with-apxs=/usr/local/apache/bin/apxs --with-curl --with-xsl --disable-pdo --without-sqlite
dan at mutagenix dot org
13 years ago
I've just built PHP 5.2.11 with pdo_informix support on Slackware 13.0.  I had to use the following options in order to disable pdo from being compiled in (notice the difference in the --without-pdo-sqlite option from previous post):

--disable-pdo option --without-pdo-sqlite option

I also could not use the --with-sigchild option which caused problems with phpize.

This fixed the informix -11001 error that I was getting.  I was also getting an informix -23101 error (something about locale mismatches), but it was because I was not completely removing the compiled in pdo support.

I then had to;

rm -rf /usr/lib/php/.channels
pear update-channels
pecl install --alldeps pdo_informix pdo_mysql pdo_sqlite.

There were other, smaller issues, but that is the lion's share.
evandrosimenes at gmail dot com
5 years ago
Anyone gets working pdo informix with php 7 ?
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