(mongodb >=1.7.0)

MongoDB\Driver\ClientEncryption::encryptEncrypt a value


final public MongoDB\Driver\ClientEncryption::encrypt(mixed $value, array $options = ?): MongoDB\BSON\Binary

Encrypts the value.

Liste de param├Ętres


The value to be encrypted. Any value that can be inserted into MongoDB can be encrypted using this method.


Encryption options
Option Type Description
algorithm string

The encryption algorithm to be used. Use the constants defined in MongoDB\Driver\ClientEncryption.

keyAltName string

Identifies a key vault collection document by keyAltName.

keyId MongoDB\BSON\Binary

Identifies a data key by _id. The value is a UUID (binary subtype 4).

Note: Exactly one of keyId and keyAltName must be provided. The algorithm option is required.

Valeurs de retour

Returns the encrypted value as MongoDB\BSON\Binary object with subtype 6.

Erreurs / Exceptions

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