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CollectionRemove::bindBind value to placeholder


public mysql_xdevapi\CollectionRemove::bind(array $placeholder_values): mysql_xdevapi\CollectionRemove

Bind a parameter to the placeholder in the search condition of the remove operation.

The placeholder has the form of :NAME where ':' is a common prefix that must always exists before any NAME where NAME is the name of the placeholder. The bind method accepts a list of placeholders if multiple entities have to be substituted in the search condition of the remove operation.


Cette fonction est actuellement non documentée ; seule la liste des arguments est disponible.

Liste de paramètres


Placeholder values to substitute in the search condition. Multiple values are allowed and have to be passed as an array of mappings PLACEHOLDER_NAME->PLACEHOLDER_VALUE.

Valeurs de retour

A CollectionRemove object that can be used to execute the command, or to add additional operations.


Exemple #1 mysql_xdevapi\CollectionRemove::bind() example


= $coll->remove('age > :age_from and age < :age_to')->bind(['age_from' => 20, 'age_to' => 50])->limit(7)->execute();

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