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(PHP 8)

PhpToken::tokenizeSplits given source into PHP tokens, represented by PhpToken objects.


public static PhpToken::tokenize(string $code, int $flags = 0): array

Returns an array of PhpToken objects representing given code.

Liste de param├Ętres


The PHP source to parse.


Valid flags:

  • TOKEN_PARSE - Recognises the ability to use reserved words in specific contexts.

Valeurs de retour

An array of PHP tokens represented by instances of PhpToken or its descendants. This method returns static[] so that PhpToken can be seamlessly extended.


Exemple #1 PhpToken::tokenize() example

PhpToken::tokenize('<?php echo; ?>');

foreach (
$tokens as $token) {
"Line {$token->line}{$token->getTokenName()} ('{$token->text}')"PHP_EOL;

Les exemples ci-dessus vont afficher :

Line 1: T_OPEN_TAG ('<?php ')
Line 1: T_ECHO ('echo')
Line 1: ; (';')
Line 1: T_WHITESPACE (' ')
Line 1: T_CLOSE_TAG ('?>')

Exemple #2 Extending PhpToken


class MyPhpToken extends PhpToken {
    public function 
getUpperText() {

$tokens MyPhpToken::tokenize('<?php echo; ?>');

Les exemples ci-dessus vont afficher :

'<?PHP '

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