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(PHP 4 >= 4.2.0, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

apache_setenvImposta una variabile Apache subprocess_env


apache_setenv(string $varibile, string $valore, bool $vai_in_cima = ?): int

apache_setenv() imposta il valore della variabile di environment di Apache specificata da variabile.


Quando si imposta una variabile di environment di Apache, la corrispondente variabile $_SERVER non viene cambiata.

Example #1 Impostazione di una variabile di environment di Apache utilizzando apache_setenv()

("EXAMPLE_VAR", "Valore di prova");

apache_setenv() può essere usata con apache_getenv() su pagine separate o impostare variabili da passare a Server Side Includes (.shtml) chr siano stati inclusi negli script PHP.

Vedere anche apache_getenv().

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User Contributed Notes 4 notes

18 years ago
If you are using mod_gzip or mod_deflate to compress HTML output, you're not able to send partial file to the browser....

To disable mod_deflate in PHP (if needed), you can tell Apache with this :

apache_setenv('no-gzip', '1');
phpnotes at kipu dot co dot uk
21 years ago
If you set a variable, either new or existing, the corresponding $_SERVER variable is not changed, and you will have to change it as well.
sixxgate at yahoo dot com
21 years ago
When you want to set variables to pass to Server Side Includes (.shtml) included in PHP scripts, use this.
guilleva at gmail dot com
18 years ago
When you need to set the QUERY_STRING variable into a page included with the "virtual" function do this:

virtual ("some_page.shtml?$QUERY_STRING");

apache_setenv does not work for this case.
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