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Changed functions

PHP Core

  • getopt() has an optional third parameter that exposes the index of the next element in the argument vector list to be processed. This is done via a by-ref parameter.
  • getenv() no longer requires its parameter. If the parameter is omitted, then the current environment variables will be returned as an associative array.
  • get_headers() now has an additional parameter to enable for the passing of custom stream contexts.
  • output_reset_rewrite_vars() no longer resets session URL rewrite variables.
  • parse_url() is now more restrictive and supports RFC3986.
  • unpack() now accepts an optional third parameter to specify the offset to begin unpacking from.

File System

  • file_get_contents() now accepts a negative seek offset if the stream is seekable.
  • tempnam() now emits a notice when falling back to the system's temp directory.


Multibyte String


  • PDO::lastInsertId() for PostgreSQL will now trigger an error when nextval has not been called for the current session (the postgres connection).



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