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(PHP 7, PHP 8)

SessionUpdateTimestampHandlerInterface::validateIdValidate ID


public SessionUpdateTimestampHandlerInterface::validateId(string $id): bool

Validates a given session ID. A session ID is valid, if a session with that ID already exists. This function is automatically executed when a session is to be started, a session ID is supplied and session.use_strict_mode is enabled.

Elenco dei parametri


The session ID.

Valori restituiti

Returns true for valid ID, false otherwise. Note that this value is returned internally to PHP for processing.

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ohcc at 163 dot com
4 years ago
'validateId' is called after 'open' and before 'read' to validate the session id provided by the client, as 'open' -> 'validateId' -> 'read' -> 'write' -> 'close' are called in sequence.

If 'validateId' returns false, a new session id will be generated, the session cookie will also be updated afterwards.
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