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Funções de Recode


  • recode_file — Recode from file to file according to recode request
  • recode_string — Recode a string according to a recode request
  • recode — Sinônimo de recode_string
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henrique at augusto dot com
10 years ago
I have problems with php5-recode and php5-odbc. With both packages installed, odbc_execute() hangs up causing Segmentation Fault. I was using a simple script to test that:

#DSN "mydb" with a user and password "marin"
$connect = odbc_connect("myaccess", "", "");

# query the users table for name and surname
$query = "SELECT * FROM FRT_NAME";

# perform the query
$result = odbc_exec($connect, $query);

# fetch the data from the database
$name = odbc_result($result, 2);

# close the connection

After uninstalling php5-recode, the issue is solved.
pet at humaj dot sk
21 years ago
Hope this might help someone:

I tried to compile php 4.3.2-RC2 (+some older versions) with recode AND imap (and gd+png+jpeg support, ldap, gettext, zlib .. but these are not interesting right now).

Why? I needed to run Imp + Horde + Turba. Turba talks to LDAP directory (and LDAP uses utf-8 encoding which I need to convert to iso-8859-2), so I modified Turba to use 'recode' for charset conversions utf8<->iso8859-2.

System: FreeBSD4.7+Apache 1.3.27+Ben SSL

I either could not properly compile OR after compiling apache coredumped.

Problem was: imap (libc-client) and recode (librecode) use the same function hash_lookup(). Therefore during loading (and libraries it depended on) whole apache crashed. Without a word of what's going on.

The problem is detectable by forcing static linking (in FreeBSD modify and change

Now during linking of php the linker complains of double definition of hash_lookup.


-grab recode3.6 from
-unpack, go to src, in files combine.c, hash.c, names.c, recode.c, testdump.c, html.c, hash.h replace hash_lookup() by hash_lookupX() [or invent some better name],
compile recode (i had to do:

setenv CFLAGS "-I/usr/local/include"
setenv LDFLAGS "-L/usr/local/lib -lintl"
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/recode --exec-prefix=/usr/local/recode --without-included-gettext
make check
make install

(recode is installed to /usr/local/recode.You can change this and you can force static linking of recode, so that after building this modified recode is no longer needed and can be deleted! )

For some reason this recode needs to have externally defined
int error;
therefore we have to modify configure script +one .c php source file:

1. modify configure script of php: find
and somewhere before start of main() add
int error;

so the result is:

char *program_name;
int error;
int main() {
; return 0; }

(I modified both occurences of recode_format_table() in configure of php4.3.2rc2)

2. run configure, should work ok (my another problem was with imap: though my c-client was compiled WITHOUT ssl, configure complained that it IS using ssl, so i had to edit configure once again and comment following lines:
void mm_searched(void){}
void mm_expunged(void){}
// char ssl_onceonlyinit(); --- commented
int main() {
// ssl_onceonlyinit(); --- commented
return 0;

Now configure was rather happy :-)

for the record: I did
./configure --with-apxs=/usr/local/apache/bin/apxs --with-imap --enable-sysvsem --enable-sysvshm --with-sybase=/usr/local/freetds --with-gettext --with-ldap --with-zlib --with-recode=/usr/local/recode -with-gd=/usr/local --with-jpeg-dir=/usr/local --with-png-dir=/usr/local

3. edit ext/recode/recode.c (or any other .c source file, add somewhere (e.g. at the end)
int error;

without it during linking 'error not defined' will be complained.

4. do 'make' and php is yours :-)

It took me 2 days.. so do not delete this note, someone might even find it useful and mail me his thanks :-]
cv at corbach dot de
22 years ago
When compiling PHP into Apache as static module Apache configure will complain about an undefined symbol in librecode. You need recode-3.6 (e.g. on to get rid of this error. It doesn't matter if you're compiling PHP as DSO.
theather at I dot am
18 years ago
I see that the Recode (3.6) module is also incompatible with the MySQL module as well as the others noted in the "warning" note above.
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