PHP 8.1.24 Released!


Provided the required libraries are installed, users may enable enchant by adding the --with-enchant[=dir] option when compiling PHP.

Windows users must enable php_enchant.dll in order to use this extension.

注意: Additional setup on Windows

为了使此扩展生效, DLL 文件必须能在 Windows 系统的 PATH 指示的路径下找到。如何操作的信息,请参见题为“如何在 Windows 中将 PHP 目录加到 PATH 中”的FAQ。虽然将 DLL 文件从 PHP 文件夹复制到 Windows 系统目录也行,但不建议这样做。 此扩展需要下列文件在 PATH 路径中: libenchant.dll, glib-2.dll, gmodule-2.dll.

Furthermore, it is necessary to copy at least one of the shipped providers in lib\enchant to \usr\local\lib\enchant-2 (which is an absolute path from the root of the current drive). Prior to PHP 8.0.0, i.e. using Enchant v1, the providers had to be copied to C:\enchant_plugins instead, where this path could be customized by creating the registry value HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Enchant\Config\Module_Dir and setting it to the desired path.

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