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The XMLDiff\File class

(PECL xmldiff >= 0.8.0)


Class synopsis

class XMLDiff\File extends XMLDiff\Base {
/* Methods */
public diff(string $from, string $to): string
public merge(string $src, string $diff): string
/* Inherited methods */
abstract public XMLDiff\Base::diff(mixed $from, mixed $to): mixed
abstract public XMLDiff\Base::merge(mixed $src, mixed $diff): mixed

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ngbabu at gmail dot com
8 years ago
The following snippet will show the use case of XMLDiff\File.

=new XMLDiff\File;
$diff = $dxml->diff("file1.xml", "file2.xml");
$difffile = 'difference.xml';
file_put_contents($difffile, $diff);
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