WinCache Statistics Script

The installation package for WinCache includes a PHP script, wincache.php, that can be used to obtain cache information and statistics.

If the WinCache extension was installed via the Microsoft Web Platform Installer, then this script is located in %SystemDrive%\Program Files\IIS\Windows Cache for PHP\. On a 64-bit version of the Windows Server operating system, the script is located in %SystemDrive%\Program Files (x86)\IIS\Windows Cache for PHP. If the extension was installed manually, then the wincache.php will be located in the same folder from which the content of the installation package was extracted.

To use wincache.php, copy it into a root folder of a Web site or into any subfolder. To protect the script, open it in any text editor and replace the values for USERNAME and PASSWORD constants. If any other IIS authentication is enabled on the server, then follow the instructions in the comments:

Example #1 Authentication configuration for wincache.php

* ======================== CONFIGURATION SETTINGS ==============================
* If you do not want to use authentication for this page, set USE_AUTHENTICATION to 0.
* If you use authentication then replace the default password.
define('USERNAME', 'wincache');
define('PASSWORD', 'wincache');

* The Basic PHP authentication will work only when IIS is configured to support
* Anonymous Authentication' and nothing else. If IIS is configured to support/use
* any other kind of authentication like Basic/Negotiate/Digest etc, this will not work.
* In that case use the array below to define the names of users in your
* domain/network/workgroup which you want to grant access to.
$user_allowed = array('DOMAIN\user1', 'DOMAIN\user2', 'DOMAIN\user3');

* If the array contains string 'all', then all the users authenticated by IIS
* will have access to the page. Uncomment the below line and comment above line
* to grant access to all users who gets authenticated by IIS.
/* $user_allowed = array('all'); */

/** ===================== END OF CONFIGURATION SETTINGS ========================== */

Note: Always protect the wincache.php script by using either the built-in authentication or the server's authentication mechanism. Leaving this script unprotected may compromise the security of your web application and web server.

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