(wkhtmltox >= 0.1.0)

wkhtmltox\PDF\Object::__constructCreate a new PDF Object


public wkhtmltox\PDF\Object::__construct(string $buffer, array $settings = ?)

Creates a new PDF Object from the given buffer and optional configuration settings





Name Description Values Changelog
page URL or path of the HTML to convert   >= 0.1.0
useExternalLinks set true to convert external links in the input into external PDF links in the output boolean >= 0.1.0
useLocalLinks set true to convert internal links in the input into internal PDF links in the output boolean >= 0.1.0
produceForms set true to turn HTML forms into PDF forms boolean >= 0.1.0
replacements undocumented   >= 0.1.0
includeInOutline set true to include sections from this object in the outline and toc boolean >= 0.1.0
pagesCount set true to make page count in toc inclusive of the number of pages in this object boolean >= 0.1.0
tocXsl set to style sheet to convert this object into a toc object   >= 0.1.0
toc.useDottedLines set true to use dotted lines in toc boolean >= 0.1.0
toc.captionText the caption text for toc   >= 0.1.0
toc.forwardLinks set true to create links from toc to content boolean >= 0.1.0
toc.backLinks set true to create links from content to toc boolean >= 0.1.0
toc.indentation indentation for toc 2em >= 0.1.0
toc.fontScale the factor to scale down the font at every toc level 0.8 >= 0.1.0
header.fontSize font size for use in header 13 >= 0.1.0
header.fontName name of font for use in header times >= 0.1.0
header.left text for left of header   >= 0.1.0
header.center text for center of header   >= 0.1.0
header.right text for right of header   >= 0.1.0
header.line enable or disable horizontal rule under header boolean >= 0.1.0
header.spacing space between header and content 1.8 >= 0.1.0
header.htmlUrl URL or path of HTML to use in header   >= 0.1.0
footer.fontSize font size for use in footer 13 >= 0.1.0
footer.fontName name of font for use in footer times >= 0.1.0
footer.left text for left of footer   >= 0.1.0
footer.center text for center of footer   >= 0.1.0
footer.right text for right of footer   >= 0.1.0
footer.line enable or disable horizontal rule under footer boolean >= 0.1.0
footer.spacing space between footer and content 1.8 >= 0.1.0
footer.htmlUrl URL or path of HTML to use in footer   >= 0.1.0
load.username user name to use when loging into a website bart >= 0.1.0
load.password the password to used when logging into a website elbarto >= 0.1.0
load.jsdelay the amount of time in milliseconds to wait after a page is loaded until it is captured 1200 >= 0.1.0
load.zoomFactor how much zoom should be applied to the content 2.2 >= 0.1.0
load.customHeaders custom headers to send when requesting the main web page   >= 0.1.0
load.repertCustomHeaders set true to send with all requests boolean >= 0.1.0
load.cookies cookie string to send when requesting the main web page   >= 0.1.0
load.post post string to send when requesting the main web page   >= 0.1.0
load.blockLocalFileAccess disallow local and piped files to access other local files boolean >= 0.1.0
load.stopSlowScript stop slow running javascript boolean  
load.debugJavascript allow javascript to raise warnings boolean >= 0.1.0
load.loadErrorHandling set error handling strategy
abort abort the convertion process
skip do not add the object to the final output
ignore try to add the object to the final output
>= 0.1.0
load.proxy     >= 0.1.0
web.background include background image in output boolean >= 0.1.0
web.loadImages include images in output boolean >= 0.1.0
web.enableJavascript enable or disable javascript boolean >= 0.1.0
web.enableIntelligentShrinking enable to attempt to fit more content on page, only applies to PDF output boolean >= 0.1.0
web.minimumFontSize the minimum font size allowed 9 >= 0.1.0
web.printMediaType print content using print media type instead of screen media type boolean >= 0.1.0
web.defaultEncoding content to use where no encoding is specified utf-8 >= 0.1.0
web.userStyleSheet URL or path to a user specified style sheet /path/to/style.css >= 0.1.0
web.enablePlugins enable or disable NS plugins boolean >= 0.1.0

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