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The EventHttp class

(PECL event >= 1.4.0-beta)


Represents HTTP server.

Sinopsis de la Clase

final class EventHttp {
/* Métodos */
public accept( mixed $socket ): bool
public addServerAlias( string $alias ): bool
public bind( string $address , int $port ): void
public __construct( EventBase $base , EventSslContext $ctx = null )
public removeServerAlias( string $alias ): bool
public setAllowedMethods( int $methods ): void
public setCallback( string $path , string $cb , string $arg = ?): void
public setDefaultCallback( string $cb , string $arg = ?): void
public setMaxBodySize( int $value ): void
public setMaxHeadersSize( int $value ): void
public setTimeout( int $value ): void

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