La clase InvalidArgumentException

(PHP 5 >= 5.1.0, PHP 7, PHP 8)


Excepción lanzada si un argumento no es del tipo previsto.

Sinopsis de la Clase

class InvalidArgumentException extends LogicException {
/* Propiedades heredadas */
protected string $message = "";
private string $string = "";
protected int $code;
protected string $file = "";
protected int $line;
private array $trace = [];
private ?Throwable $previous = null;
/* Métodos heredados */
final public Exception::getMessage(): string
final public Exception::getCode(): int
final public Exception::getFile(): string
final public Exception::getLine(): int
final public Exception::getTrace(): array
final public Exception::getTraceAsString(): string
public Exception::__toString(): string
private Exception::__clone(): void
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User Contributed Notes 1 note

Joey at anti-culture dot net
12 years ago
In my opinion this exception is invaluable for validating arguments- for example providing strict typing a la C:

function tripleInteger($int)
throw new
InvalidArgumentException('tripleInteger function only accepts integers. Input was: '.$int);
$int * 3;

$x = tripleInteger(4); //$x == 12
$x = tripleInteger(2.5); //exception will be thrown as 2.5 is a float
$x = tripleInteger('foo'); //exception will be thrown as 'foo' is a string
$x = tripleInteger('4'); //exception will throw as '4' is also a string

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