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The MongoDB\Driver\TopologyDescription class

(mongodb >=1.13.0)


The MongoDB\Driver\TopologyDescription class is a value object that represents a topology to which the driver is connected. Instances of this class are returned by MongoDB\Driver\Monitoring\TopologyChangedEvent methods.

Sinopsis de la Clase

final class MongoDB\Driver\TopologyDescription {
/* Constantes */
const string TYPE_UNKNOWN = "Unknown";
const string TYPE_SINGLE = "Single";
const string TYPE_SHARDED = "Sharded";
const string TYPE_REPLICA_SET_NO_PRIMARY = "ReplicaSetNoPrimary";
const string TYPE_REPLICA_SET_WITH_PRIMARY = "ReplicaSetWithPrimary";
const string TYPE_LOAD_BALANCED = "LoadBalanced";
/* Métodos */
final public getServers(): array
final public getType(): string
final public hasWritableServer(): bool

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