The Swoole\WebSocket\Server class

(PECL swoole >= 1.9.0)


Sinopsis de la Clase

class Swoole\WebSocket\Server extends Swoole\Http\Server {
/* Métodos */
public exist(int $fd): bool
public on(string $event_name, callable $callback): ReturnType
public static pack(
    string $data,
    string $opcode = ?,
    string $finish = ?,
    string $mask = ?
): binary
public push(
    string $fd,
    string $data,
    string $opcode = ?,
    string $finish = ?
): void
public static unpack(binary $data): string
/* Métodos heredados */
public Swoole\Http\Server::on(string $event_name, callable $callback): void

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