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snmp_get_quick_print Fetches the current value of the NET-SNMP library's quick_print setting


snmp_get_quick_print(): bool

Returns the current value stored in the NET-SNMP Library for quick_print. quick_print is off by default.


Esta función no tiene parámetros.

Valores devueltos

Returns true if quick_print is on, false otherwise.


Ejemplo #1 snmp_get_quick_print() example

= snmp_get_quick_print();

Ver también

  • snmp_set_quick_print() - Set the value of enable within the NET-SNMP library for a full description of what quick_print does.

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User Contributed Notes 1 note

21 years ago
This can be used to parse the returned values depending on the quick print setting. For example sysUpTime might look something like this: "Timeticks: (34575334) 4 days, 0:02:33.34", but if quick print is enabled it will be on the form: "4:0:2:33.34". To get the same output you can parse it differently, something like:

if(@ $sysUpTime = snmpget($switch,$community,"system.sysUpTime.0")){
sscanf($sysUpTime, "%d:%d:%d:%d.%d",$day,$hour,$minute,$sec,$ticks);
$sysUpTime = "$day days, $hour:$minute:$sec.$ticks";
$sysUpTime = ereg_replace("Timeticks: \([0-9]+\) ","",$sysUpTime);
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