Implemented as a SAPI module, phpdbg can exert complete control over the environment without impacting the functionality or performance of your code.

phpdbg aims to be a lightweight, powerful, easy to use debugging platform for PHP. It offers the following features:

  • Step-Through Debugging
  • Flexible Breakpoints (Class Method, Function, File:Line, Address, Opcode)
  • Easy Access to PHP with built-in eval()
  • Userland API
  • SAPI Agnostic - Easily Integrated
  • PHP Configuration File Support
  • JIT Super Globals - Set Your Own !!
  • Optional readline Support - Comfortable Terminal Operation
  • Easy Operation - See Help :)

Command line options
Option Example Argument Description
-c -c/my/php.ini Set php.ini file to load
-d -dmemory_limit=4G Set a php.ini directive
-n   Disable default php.ini
-q   Suppress welcome banner
-v   Enable oplog output
-b   Disable color
-i -imy.init Set .phpdbginit file
-I   Ignore default .phpdbginit
-O -Omy.oplog Set oplog output file
-r   Run execution context
-rr   Run execution context and quit after execution (not respecting breakpoints)
-e   Generate extended information for debugger/profiler
-E   Enable step through eval, careful!
-s -s=, -s=foo Read code to execute from stdin with an optional delimiter
-S -Scli Override SAPI name, careful!

-l -l4000 Setup remote console ports
-a -a192.168.0.3 Setup remote console bind address
-x   Enable xml output (instead of normal text output)
-p -p, -p=func, -p* Output opcodes and quit
-h   Print the help overview
-V   Print version number
-- -- arg1 arg2 Use to delimit phpdbg arguments and php $argv; append any $argv argument after it

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