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(PECL apcu >= 5.0.0)

APCUIterator::__constructConstructs an APCUIterator iterator object


public APCUIterator::__construct ( mixed $search = null , int $format = APC_ITER_ALL , int $chunk_size = 100 , int $list = APC_LIST_ACTIVE )

Constructs an APCUIterator object.

Liste de param├Ętres


A PCRE regular expression that matches against APCu key names, either as a string for a single regular expression, or as an array of regular expressions. Or, optionally pass in null to skip the search.


The desired format, as configured with one or more of the APC_ITER_* constants.


The chunk size. Must be a value greater than 0. The default value is 100.


The type to list. Either pass in APC_LIST_ACTIVE or APC_LIST_DELETED.

Valeurs de retour

An APCUIterator object on success, or null on failure.


Exemple #1 A APCUIterator::__construct() example

foreach (new APCUIterator('/^counter\./') as $counter) {
apc_dec($counter['key'], $counter['value']);

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