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The Swoole\Process class

(PECL swoole >= 1.9.0)


Synopsis de la classe

class Swoole\Process {
/* Constantes */
const int IPC_NOWAIT = 256;
/* Méthodes */
public static alarm(int $interval_usec): void
public close(): void
public static daemon(bool $nochdir = ?, bool $noclose = ?): void
public __destruct(): void
public exec(string $exec_file, string $args): ReturnType
public exit(string $exit_code = ?): void
public freeQueue(): void
public static kill(int $pid, int $signal_no = ?): bool
public name(string $process_name): bool
public pop(int $maxsize = ?): mixed
public push(string $data): bool
public read(int $maxsize = ?): string
public static signal(string $signal_no, callable $callback): void
public start(): void
public statQueue(): array
public useQueue(int $key, int $mode = ?): bool
public static wait(bool $blocking = ?): array
public write(string $data): int

Constantes pré-définies



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