The Swoole\Table class

(PECL swoole >= 1.9.0)


Synopsis de la classe

class Swoole\Table implements Iterator, Countable {
/* Constantes */
const int TYPE_INT = 1;
const int TYPE_STRING = 7;
const int TYPE_FLOAT = 6;
/* Méthodes */
public column(string $name, string $type, int $size = ?): ReturnType
public count(): int
public create(): void
public current(): array
public decr(string $key, string $column, int $decrby = ?): ReturnType
public del(string $key): void
public destroy(): void
public exist(string $key): bool
public get(string $row_key, string $column_key): int
public incr(string $key, string $column, int $incrby = ?): void
public key(): string
public next(): ReturnType
public rewind(): void
public set(string $key, array $value): void
public valid(): bool


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