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(PHP 4 >= 4.0.5, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

apache_child_terminateTermine le processus Apache après cette requête


apache_child_terminate(): void

apache_child_terminate() va programmer le processus Apache pour qu'il se termine une fois la requête PHP courante terminée. Cela peut servir à terminer un processus après un script qui aurait consommé beaucoup de mémoire. En effet, la mémoire est généralement libérée de manière interne, mais pas rendue au système.

Fonctionne avec les serveurs web Apache, et FastCGI.

Liste de paramètres

Cette fonction ne contient aucun paramètre.

Valeurs de retour

Aucune valeur n'est retournée.


Note: Cette fonction n'est pas implémentée sur les plates-formes Windows.

Voir aussi

  • exit() - Affiche un message et termine le script courant

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Stephan Ferraro
13 years ago
I found out a solution for Apache 2. However this works only without threads and only on POSIX compatible OS systems (e.g. Linux, OpenSolaris...).


// Terminate Apache 2 child process after request has been
// done by sending a SIGWINCH POSIX signal (28).
function kill_on_exit() {
posix_kill( getmypid(), 28 );

register_shutdown_function( 'kill_on_exit' );

jasonlester at nope dot com
1 year ago
On FastCGI SAPIs this doesn't kill the process, it just makes the fastcgi handler fully recycle PHP at the end of the script rather than just recycling the request state. This includes php-cgi.
louis at ewens dot com
16 years ago
Apache child processes are greedy. If they get bloated by a PHP application that requires a lot of memory, they stay that way. The memory is never given back to the OS until that child dies.

You could use MaxRequestsPerChild in Apache to kill all child processes automatically after a certain number of connections. Or you can use apache_child_terminate to kill the child after your memory intensive functions.

Note: apache_child_terminate is not available in Apache 2.0 handler.
daniele_dll at yahoo dot it
16 years ago
In response to sam at liddicott dot com:

it isin't so simple! You should never kill an apache process because it is automatically freed when apache need!

And, if you use apache worker or thread based mpm you risk to kill the entire process!

admin at hostultra dot com
16 years ago
this code will add apache_child_terminate() function if it is not already present.

if (!function_exists("apache_child_terminate")){
function apache_child_terminate(){

function killonexit(){
@exec("kill ".getmypid());
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