Componere (latin, English: compose) targets production environments and provides an API for composition of classes, monkey patching, and casting.


Componere\Definition is used to define (or redefine) a class at runtime; The class can then be registered, and in the case of redefinition it replaces the original class for as long as the Componere\Definition exists.

public Componere\Definition::__construct(string $name, string $parent, array $interfaces)


Componere\Patch is used to change the class of a specific instance of an object at runtime; Upon application the patch will remain applied for as long as the Componere\Patch exists, and can be reverted explicitly.

public Componere\Patch::__construct(object $instance, array $interfaces)


Componere\ casting functions can cast among user defined compatible types; Where compatible means Type is sub or super to the type of object.

Componere\cast(Type $type, $object): Type
Componere\cast_by_ref(Type $type, $object): Type

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