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The Componere\Definition class

(Componere 2 >= 2.1.0)


The Definition class allows the programmer to build and register a type at runtime.

Should a Definition replace an existing class, the existing class will be restored when the Definition is destroyed.

Synopsis de la classe

final class Componere\Definition extends Componere\Abstract\Definition {
/* Constructors */
public __construct(string $name)
public __construct(string $name, string $parent)
public __construct(string $name, array $interfaces)
public __construct(string $name, string $parent, array $interfaces)
/* Méthodes */
public addConstant(string $name, Componere\Value $value): Definition
public addProperty(string $name, Componere\Value $value): Definition
public register(): void
public isRegistered(): bool
public getClosure(string $name): Closure
public getClosures(): array
/* Méthodes héritées */


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User Contributed Notes 1 note

ASchmidt at Anamera dot net
6 years ago
Sometimes we might wish to extend a third party class that has been defined as "final".

In this example, the a child class will extend a "final" class, adding a method. An object instance will be able to access parent members, and is recognized as an instance of both the dynamically created child class as well as its parent class.


* Final class would normally prevent extending.
final class ParentC

__construct() { echo( "\r\n<br/>".$this->parentvar = 'set by '.get_class().'->parentconstruct' ); }
parentf() { echo( "\r\n<br/>".get_class().'->parentf >> '.$this->parentvar ); }

* Dynamically define a child class "DynamicC"
* which successfully extends final class "ParentC".
$DefC = new \Componere\Definition( 'DynamicC', 'ParentC');

// Extend child class with method 'DynamicC::dynamicf()'.
$DefM = new Componere\Method( function( $parm = null ) {
// Populate a parent class property.
$this->secondvar = empty( $parm ) ? 'set by '.get_class().'->dynamicf' : $parm;
// Access an inherited property set by parent constructor.
echo( "\r\n<br/>".get_class().'->dynamicf >> '.$this->parentvar );
} );
$DefC->addMethod( 'dynamicf', $DefM );

// Take dynamic child class 'life'.

* Instantiate the dynamic child class,
* and access its own and inherited members.

$dyno = new DynamicC;
$dyno->dynamicf( 'myvalue ');

// Our object is also recognized as instance of parent!
var_dump( $dyno instanceof DynamicC, $dyno instanceof ParentC );
var_dump( $dyno );

will output:

set by ParentC->parentconstruct
->parentf >> set by ParentC->parentconstruct
->dynamicf >> set by ParentC->parentconstruct

(boolean) true
(boolean) true

'parentvar' => string 'set by ParentC->parentconstruct' (length=31)
'secondvar' => string 'myvalue ' (length=8)
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