(mongodb >=1.0.0)

MongoDB\Driver\BulkWrite::__constructCreate a new BulkWrite


public MongoDB\Driver\BulkWrite::__construct(?array $options = null)

Constructs a new MongoDB\Driver\BulkWrite, which is a mutable object to which one or more write operations may be added. The write(s) may then be executed with MongoDB\Driver\Manager::executeBulkWrite().

Liste de paramètres

options (array)

Option Type Description Default
bypassDocumentValidation bool

If true, allows insert and update operations to circumvent document level validation.

This option is available in MongoDB 3.2+ and is ignored for older server versions, which do not support document level validation.

comment mixed

An arbitrary comment to help trace the operation through the database profiler, currentOp output, and logs.

This option is available in MongoDB 4.4+ and will result in an exception at execution time if specified for an older server version.

let array|object

Dictionnaire des noms et des valeurs des paramètres. Les valeurs doivent être des constantes ou des expressions fermées qui ne font pas référence aux champs du document. Les paramètres peuvent ensuite être accédés en tant que variables dans un contexte d'expression agrégée (par exemple $$var).

Cette option est disponible dans MongoDB 5.0+ et entraînera une exception au moment de l'exécution si elle est spécifiée pour une version antérieure du serveur.

ordered bool Ordered operations (true) are executed serially on the MongoDB server, while unordered operations (false) are sent to the server in an arbitrary order and may be executed in parallel. true

Erreurs / Exceptions

  • Lance une exception MongoDB\Driver\InvalidArgumentException lors d'une erreur survenue pendant l'analyse d'un argument.


Version Description
PECL mongodb 1.14.0 Added the "comment" and "let" options.
PECL mongodb 1.1.0 Added the "bypassDocumentValidation" option.


Exemple #1 MongoDB\Driver\BulkWrite::__construct() example


= new MongoDB\Driver\BulkWrite(['ordered' => true]);
$bulk->insert(['_id' => 1, 'x' => 1]);
$bulk->insert(['_id' => 2, 'x' => 2]);
'x' => 2],
'$set' => ['x' => 1]],
'limit' => 1, 'upsert' => false]
$bulk->delete(['x' => 1], ['limit' => 1]);
'_id' => 3],
'$set' => ['x' => 3]],
'limit' => 1, 'upsert' => true]

$manager = new MongoDB\Driver\Manager('mongodb://localhost:27017');
$writeConcern = new MongoDB\Driver\WriteConcern(1);

try {
$result = $manager->executeBulkWrite('db.collection', $bulk, $writeConcern);
} catch (
MongoDB\Driver\Exception\BulkWriteException $e) {
$result = $e->getWriteResult();

// Check if the write concern could not be fulfilled
if ($writeConcernError = $result->getWriteConcernError()) {
printf("%s (%d): %s\n",
var_export($writeConcernError->getInfo(), true)

// Check if any write operations did not complete at all
foreach ($result->getWriteErrors() as $writeError) {
printf("Operation#%d: %s (%d)\n",
} catch (
MongoDB\Driver\Exception\Exception $e) {
printf("Other error: %s\n", $e->getMessage());

printf("Inserted %d document(s)\n", $result->getInsertedCount());
printf("Updated %d document(s)\n", $result->getModifiedCount());
printf("Upserted %d document(s)\n", $result->getUpsertedCount());
printf("Deleted %d document(s)\n", $result->getDeletedCount());


L'exemple ci-dessus va afficher :

Inserted 2 document(s)
Updated  1 document(s)
Upserted 1 document(s)
Deleted  1 document(s)

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