(mongodb >=1.13.0)

MongoDB\Driver\ServerDescription::getHelloResponseReturns the server's most recent "hello" response


final public MongoDB\Driver\ServerDescription::getHelloResponse(): array

Returns an array of information describing the server. This array is derived from the most recent (at the time the MongoDB\Driver\ServerDescription was constructed) » hello command response obtained through » server monitoring.


When the driver is connected to a load balancer, this method will return an empty array since load balancers are not monitored. This is in contrast to MongoDB\Driver\Server::getInfo(), which would return the backing server's » hello command response from the initial connection handshake.

Liste de paramètres

Cette fonction ne contient aucun paramètre.

Valeurs de retour

Returns an array of information describing this server.

Erreurs / Exceptions

  • Lance une exception MongoDB\Driver\InvalidArgumentException lors d'une erreur survenue pendant l'analyse d'un argument.

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