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Collection::existsInDatabaseCheck if collection exists in database


public mysql_xdevapi\Collection::existsInDatabase ( void ) : bool

Checks if the Collection object refers to a collection in the database (schema).

Liste de param├Ętres

Cette fonction ne contient aucun param├Ętre.

Valeurs de retour

Returns TRUE if collection exists in the database, else FALSE if it does not.


Exemple #1 mysql_xdevapi\Collection::existsInDatabase() example

$session->sql("DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS addressbook")->execute();
$session->sql("CREATE DATABASE addressbook")->execute();

$schema $session->getSchema("addressbook");
$create $schema->createCollection("people");

// ...

$collection $schema->getCollection("people");

// ...

if (!$collection->existsInDatabase()) {
"The collection no longer exists in the database named addressbook. What happened?";
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