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CollectionFind::groupBySet grouping criteria


public mysql_xdevapi\CollectionFind::groupBy(string $sort_expr): mysql_xdevapi\CollectionFind

This function can be used to group the result-set by one more columns, frequently this is used with aggregate functions like COUNT,MAX,MIN,SUM etc.

Liste de param├Ętres


The columns or columns that have to be used for the group operation, this can either be a single string or an array of string arguments, one for each column.

Valeurs de retour

A CollectionFind that can be used for further processing


Exemple #1 mysql_xdevapi\CollectionFind::groupBy() example


//Assuming $coll is a valid Collection object

//Extract all the documents from the Collection and group the results by the 'name' field
$res $coll->find()->groupBy('name')->execute();

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