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(PECL quickhash >= Unknown)

QuickHashIntHash::saveToFileThis method stores an in-memory hash to disk


public QuickHashIntHash::saveToFile(string $filename): void

This method stores an existing hash to a file on disk, in the same format that QuickHashIntHash::loadFromFile() can read.

Liste de paramètres


The filename of the file to store the hash in.

Valeurs de retour

Aucune valeur n'est retournée.


Exemple #1 QuickHashIntHash::saveToFile() example

= new QuickHashIntHash1024 );
var_dump$hash->exists) );
var_dump$hash->add443 ) );
var_dump$hash->exists) );
var_dump$hash->add452 ) );

$hash->saveToFile'/tmp/test.hash' );

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