(PECL swoole >= 1.9.0)

Swoole\Client::connectConnect to the remote TCP or UDP port.


public Swoole\Client::connect(
    string $host,
    int $port = ?,
    int $timeout = ?,
    int $flag = ?
): bool

Liste de paramètres


The host name of the remote address.


The port number of the remote address.


The timeout(second) of connect/send/recv, the dafault value is 0.1s


If the type of client is UDP, the $flag means if to enable the configuration udp_connect. If the configuration udp_connect is enabled, the client will only receive the data from specified ip:port. If the type of client is TCP and the $flag is set to 1, it must use swoole_client_select to check the connection status before send/recv.

Valeurs de retour

Whether the connection is established.

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