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Deprecated Features

PHP Core

Case-Insensitive Constants

The declaration of case-insensitive constants has been deprecated. Passing true as the third argument to define() will now generate a deprecation warning. The use of case-insensitive constants with a case that differs from the declaration is also deprecated.

Namespaced assert()

Declaring a function called assert() inside a namespace is deprecated. The assert() function is subject to special handling by the engine, which may lead to inconsistent behavior when defining a namespaced function with the same name.

Strip-Tags Streaming

The fgetss() function and the string.strip_tags stream filter have been deprecated. This also affects the SplFileObject::fgetss() method and gzgetss() function.

Data Filtering

The explicit usage of the constants FILTER_FLAG_SCHEME_REQUIRED and FILTER_FLAG_HOST_REQUIRED is now deprecated; both are implied for FILTER_VALIDATE_URL anyway.

Image Processing and GD

image2wbmp() has been deprecated.

Internationalization Functions

Usage of the Normalizer::NONE form throws a deprecation warning, if PHP is linked with ICU ≥ 56.

Multibyte String

The following undocumented mbereg_*() aliases have been deprecated. Use the corresponding mb_ereg_*() variants instead.

  • mbregex_encoding()
  • mbereg()
  • mberegi()
  • mbereg_replace()
  • mberegi_replace()
  • mbsplit()
  • mbereg_match()
  • mbereg_search()
  • mbereg_search_pos()
  • mbereg_search_regs()
  • mbereg_search_init()
  • mbereg_search_getregs()
  • mbereg_search_getpos()
  • mbereg_search_setpos()

ODBC and DB2 Functions (PDO_ODBC)

The pdo_odbc.db2_instance_name ini setting has been formally deprecated. It is deprecated in the documentation as of PHP 5.1.1.

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