PHP 8.4.0 Alpha 2 available for testing


(mongodb >=1.0.0)

MongoDB\Driver\ReadConcern::__constructCreate a new ReadConcern


final public MongoDB\Driver\ReadConcern::__construct(?string $level = null)

Constructs a new MongoDB\Driver\ReadConcern, which is an immutable value object.



The » read concern level. You may use, but are not limited to, one of the class constants.

エラー / 例外

例1 MongoDB\Driver\ReadConcern::__construct() example


/* Unspecified read isolation level (uses the server's default behavior) */
$rc = new MongoDB\Driver\ReadConcern();

/* Request read isolation from a single replica set node */
$rc = new MongoDB\Driver\ReadConcern(MongoDB\Driver\ReadConcern::LOCAL);

/* Request read isolation from a majority of the replica set nodes */
$rc = new MongoDB\Driver\ReadConcern(MongoDB\Driver\ReadConcern::MAJORITY);

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