(PHP 4 >= 4.0.2, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

pspell_config_runtogetherConsider run-together words as valid compounds


pspell_config_runtogether(PSpell\Config $config, bool $allow): bool

This function determines whether run-together words will be treated as legal compounds. That is, "thecat" will be a legal compound, although there should be a space between the two words. Changing this setting only affects the results returned by pspell_check(); pspell_suggest() will still return suggestions.

pspell_config_runtogether() should be used on a config before calling pspell_new_config().



Uma instância de PSpell\Config.


true if run-together words should be treated as legal compounds, false otherwise.

Valor Retornado

Retorna true em caso de sucesso ou false em caso de falha.

Registro de Alterações

Versão Descrição
8.1.0 O parâmetro config agora espera uma instância de PSpell\Config; anteriormente, um resource era esperado.


Exemplo #1 pspell_config_runtogether()

= pspell_config_create("en");
pspell_config_runtogether($pspell_config, true);
$pspell = pspell_new_config($pspell_config);
pspell_check($pspell, "thecat");

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