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sqlsrv_has_rowsIndicates whether the specified statement has rows


sqlsrv_has_rows ( resource $stmt ) : bool

Indicates whether the specified statement has rows.

Список параметров


A statement resource returned by sqlsrv_query() or sqlsrv_execute().

Возвращаемые значения

Returns TRUE if the specified statement has rows and FALSE if the statement does not have rows or if an error occurred.


Пример #1 sqlsrv_has_rows() example

$connectionInfo = array( "Database"=>"dbName""UID"=>"username""PWD"=>"password" )
$conn sqlsrv_connect$server$connectionInfo );

$stmt sqlsrv_query$conn"SELECT * FROM Table_1");

if (
$stmt) {
$rows sqlsrv_has_rows$stmt );
   if (
$rows === true)
"There are rows. <br />";
"There are no rows. <br />";

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Bin Ury
2 years ago
This function cannot be relied on to report errors since both a existence negative and a SQL error will report the same boolean value.
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