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PHP yapılandırmanızla FTP işlevlerini kullanabilmek için PHP'yi --enable-ftp seçeneğiyle derlemelisiniz.

Bu eklenti Windows'a daima paylaşımlı bir eklenti olarak kurulduğundan php.ini içinde etkinleştirilmelidir.

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i_djon at hotmail dot com
6 years ago
For some reason folks downvoted the previous entry for this, BUT... indeed, as of PHP 7, to enable this on Windows you have to add the line:


to your php.ini to resolve PHP errors that tell you PHP FTP functions are not defined; the line isn't in there (where, many things are and are just commented out).
julian_de_vries at gmx dot de
8 years ago
If you are using PHP 7 under Windows you have to enable ftp in php.ini with extension=php_ftp.dll.
jacob at power9 dot pw
7 years ago
On linux, one would enable ftp on their php7 server by uncommenting or adding the line "" in their php.ini file (likely at /etc/php/php.ini, unless the user moved it).
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