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这些函数的行为受 php.ini 中的设置影响。

Imagick configuration options
名字 默认 可修改范围 更新日志
imagick.locale_fix false INI_ALL Available since Imagick 2.1.0
imagick.progress_monitor false INI_SYSTEM Available since Imagick 2.2.2
imagick.skip_version_check false INI_SYSTEM Available since Imagick 3.3.0
有关 INI_* 样式的更多详情与定义,见 配置可被设定范围


imagick.locale_fix bool

Fixes a drawing bug with locales that use ',' as float separators.

imagick.progress_monitor bool

Used to enable the image progress monitor.

imagick.skip_version_check bool

When Imagick is loaded, it checks the version number of ImageMagick that it was compiled against, with the version number that is currently being used and will give a warning if they don't match. This warning can be suppressed by enabling this ini setting.

Using a version of Imagick that was compiled against a different version of ImageMagick than the one being used is not recommended. Although it may appear to work, it can lead to random crashes or other undefined behaviour.

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