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Windows 支持

configure flags

configure 命令现在支持 CFLAGSLDFLAGS 环境变量。

CTRL handling

CTRL+C and CTRL+BREAK on console can be caught by setting a handler function with sapi_windows_set_ctrl_handler().

proc_open() on Windows can be passed a "create_process_group" option. It is required if the child process is supposed to handle CTRL events.


OPcache 现在通过 INI 指令 opcache.cache_id 支持不同用户有不限数量的单独缓存。具有相同缓存 ID 和用户的所有进程共享一个 OPcache 实例。


The stat implementation has been refactored.

  • An inode number is delivered and is based on the NTFS file index.
  • The device number is now based on the volume serial number.

Note that both values are derived from the system and provided as-is on 64-bit systems. On 32-bit systems, these values might overflow the 32-bit integer in PHP, so they're fake.


libsqlite3 is no longer compiled statically into php_sqlite3.dll and php_pdo_sqlite.dll, but rather available as libsqlite3.dll. Refer to the installation instructions for SQLite3 and PDO_SQLITE, respectively.

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